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The Blade of Jillett

JillettAhoy ye Followers of the Comedic and Comic,

Why the pirate-based greeting? Because I’m tired and didn’t sleep enough today. Should have napped when I had the chance and I didn’t. All I did was cook a vat of chicken soup, and then made a colossal dinner for the family that involved frying, steaming, baking and a whole lot of cleaning afterward.

And it was while cleaning the dishes that I had a minor revelation: my belly and the universe are two very similar entities. They are both still expanding and have masses of swirling gasses. The only difference is that I produce “big bangs” slightly more often.

What does that have to do with this latest installment of the finest, and some say strangest “oeuvre d’art” since Picasso smoked that bad weed with an absinthe chaser  and came up with Cubism? Everything and nothing. OK, that was a lame answer, but it gives me time to come up with a better answer.

Actually, this episode of Stanko & Tibor, the comic banned by both the Taliban AND Mel Gibson as being “sick and depraved”, is all about what is genuine. And what is indeed genuine? My love for my children? Some days, sure. And mostly when they are asleep. Or is it my addiction to chocolaty foods (notice I didn’t say “chocolate” – the stuff I eat has been through at least one lab and two genetic modifiers)? More likely.

But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this comic and the ensuing guffaws and deep laughter that SHOULD ensue from reading it. That is, if you’re normal. Only abnormal people don’t laugh at this. You know who you are.

Keep reading, keep eating and keep sleeping. That combo could lead to a long and healthy life.

-Jon de Val-Jean

Xmas Inc.

Anno 2010 has come and gone, and I say good riddance. Floods, drought, scandals, financial shocks, food fights, barbarism, nudity, dirty underwear being laundered in public. And I am just talking about my household.

But on the upside, it’s a new year, there are new challenges, new horizons, new taxes. Oh wait, that isn’t an upside unless you work for the government. But I digress.

This particular episode of the comic that helped redefine the meaning of the word “spam” and led to the literary critic at the New York Times  to refer to Stanko & Tibor as “unfit to line my bird cage” was inspired partially by real events. My little child wrote a letter to Santa and actually just wished him well and didn’t ask for any gifts, she just sent him hugs and kisses and sent a hug to Rudolf too.

As for the Santa Corp angle, well, I had to make it somewhat funny and after a return to financial excess by Wall Street, hey, I couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at that. Could you? Didn’t think so.

So all the best for the New Year and keep reading and laughing and “liking” the comic on Facebook.

Lots of love to all

Stanko & Tibor - Dishonesty Folly
Stanko & Tibor - Dishonesty, Folly