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To support this habit of semi-regular publishing humor and edu-tainment, I am giving you the opportunity to buy — at reasonable prices no less — some of the wonderful Stanko & Tibor apparel and other quality stuff containing the coveted and often counterfeited Stanko & Tibor imagery and logo. I hear you asking yourself, what could I possibly buy from a guy who is You can (and should morally speaking) buy any or all of the following:

  • T-shirts for men women and children!
  • Sweatshirts for men women and children!
  • Drinkware to conceal your alcohol-laced coffee while at the office or teaching in class!
  • Posters with the image of your choice to hang in your prison cell to conceal the tunnel you are digging out!
  • Baby clothes that you’ll be happy your child spit up all over!

Buy Because of the Guilt, Not Despite It

Buy this swag. Largely out of guilt, which I am skilled at using, either due my genetic makeup, my social milieu, my faith (or lack thereof), or my martyr mother, bless her for not letting my father drown me after birth.

Here are the latest designs for your perusal. Comment on the ones you like best/least and there will be a contest or two so you can win one, and then wear proudly, a Stanko & Tibor piece of apparel. Or polish your car with it. To the STORE, Batman!

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