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It’s Getting A Little Absurd Out There

Absurdity - It's The New Normal

Absurdity, Thy Wellspring Is POTUS

You know what he highlight of my day is? Is it being thankful that I didn’t pass away in my sleep? A fresh cup of coffee perking me up as the day starts ? A tranquil ride to work where no one has thrown themselves in front of the metro car yet again? Seeing the shining faces of my family and friends? Wrong.

It’s going to bathroom at work and knowing that I’m the first person to use the toilet. No one else has been near the seat since it was last cleaned. (I know you’re wondering “but how does he know?” Perhaps best if you don’t ask.) Absurd, isn’t it, that an unmolested toilet seat is the highlight of my day. No doubt about it.

But since the election of Emperor Trump, and the installment of Steve “Goebbels” Bannon, absurdity is the New Normal. That someone made a fish tribute to President Trump is just the start of the immense weirdness about to befall the globe.

[Note to reader: This particular blog rant is not absurd in and of itself. It merely serves to point out that absurd is now par for the course. Or this blog rant is proof, and is perhaps yet another reason to have me committed to an institution with darkened windows, staffed by thick-fingered, lightly moustachioed, hulking Eastern European nurses who chiefly rely on ECT as a method to “socially readjust undesirable behaviour”. But I digress.]

It will be four years of mind-bending, constitution-challenging, Dali-eque representations of alternative facts, all emanating from the uncontrolled, unmuzzled mouth of the POTUS, and the mind of the of his righthand man.

Almost makes you wish you Bush-Cheney was back in the Whitehouse, doesn’t it?

Unsettlingly imbalanced,

Enzo di Tutti Capi Druker

Operation Press Kill

My dear friends and family all over the globe, it’s done.

Here we go, another episode of the finest artistic piece of comickery. You know the topic, the BP Oil spill, and the last one on this topic for now as there are other, more off-the-wall ideas percolating in that slightly warped cranial pressure cooker of mine. And ideas there are a-plenty. Sadly the time to do all this is not.

Work is bananas, stress-filled and has me sweatin’ software-related bullets. But it will get better one day. And between the work, the car blogs, and the charity work, I am running myself a little ragged. So I may dial down the comic for a bit, publish every 2 weeks, and pick up when the pressure is less intense.

Be well, be in touch an check out some of the new t-shirt designs at the web store.

Gone Fishing For Oil

It has been so long since the last post. So much work, so little time. Spreading myself too thin and not taking care of myself, this cold is proof.

But given the BP oil catastrophe, I had to do something about it, so cartoon I did.

And I have to give credit where credit is due. My dad was the one who came up for the idea, and of course I refined it and took it off in a humorous new direction.

Also, given Tony Howard’s outrageous comments of late, like the oil spill isn’t that big given the relative amount oil compared to the amount of ocean it’s in.

But I digress.

Enjoy the comic, more to come, but on a slower basis given the tsunami of work I am under currently.