Operation Press Kill

My dear friends and family all over the globe, it’s done.

Here we go, another episode of the finest artistic piece of comickery. You know the topic, the BP Oil spill, and the last one on this topic for now as there are other, more off-the-wall ideas percolating in that slightly warped cranial pressure cooker of mine. And ideas there are a-plenty. Sadly the time to do all this is not.

Work is bananas, stress-filled and has me sweatin’ software-related bullets. But it will get better one day. And between the work, the car blogs, and the charity work, I am running myself a little ragged. So I may dial down the comic for a bit, publish every 2 weeks, and pick up when the pressure is less intense.

Be well, be in touch an check out some of the new t-shirt designs at the web store.

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