The days of summer are still here if you judge it by how often I have the air conditioner running. Steamy, sticky weather mixed with the much needed rain(storms) to quench the dry grass and wilting herbs around my house. If that isn’t summer, I don’t know what is. Well, I don’t know what summer really is, say, in Japan or Argentina. But that is because I don’t pay attention to things unless they are brightly colored, animated, or have something chocolate-like covering it.

So what should we pay attention to, if I may segue clumsily from one thought to the next without an editor present to rap me on the top of the head with a ruler? Maybe we should pay attention to the little things in life like the smile of a young child or a good night’s sleep and value those things so that we can look back on them and inform others of their worth.

But if that is too much work — and frankly, given the heat and humidity of the past few days and my aching back from a swollen belly filled with fatty and sugary foods ingested at a pace that would give night terrors to the Weight Watchers society — work is the last thing I want to do right now. But I digress.

This episode of the comedic Caravaggio spread via electronic bits and bytes designed to tickle your fancy presents us with the age old question of youth vs. wisdom and which one would you choose in arm wrestling match. No, wait, which one would you want more of if you get extra portions of it for free, like with a free coupon. And I have no definitive answer because that takes a lot of time and thought, and the TV is on as I write this. But I do know I have made a lot of mistakes in my youth and haven’t repeated them as I have aged. Mostly because I have no energy.

So whether your wish is for more wisdom from the teachings of the sages, or enhanced youth through modern medicine and lots of exercise and sleep, know this — it will take away time from TV watching and eating greasy cheeseburgers, so weigh your thoughts carefully.

Hugs and kisses and sweet dreams.

Horatio Hornblower Druker

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