The Olympic Dream

So, this one came to me as I stepped out of the shower, as may of my cartoon ideas do. And it was inspired by the Olympic athletes and all the weirdness that was the closing ceremonies. I couldn’t resist the Jacques Rogge pot shot as he must be the most heartless man on the planet. I don’t think he is allowed to show any emotion or his processor will overheat.

But I digress.

Although this episode is a bit past due, I still think it’s relevant. And Kirsten said I shouldn’t put myself under a schedule to put out the comic. But how can I disappoint all my faithful readers, (the ones who aren’t either incarcerated or forced to read this as punishment for a crime they committed)? I still have dozens of cockeyed ideas written down so more of these are to come. Tough luck.

Truth is, I suffered technical difficulties this past week on the PC. Delayed the whole cartooning process and there was much profanity, for which I thank my father. Skilled in the art of verbal filth, he is.

Well, one day, when I publish this rag for real money, like more than 10$, I’ll buy a new machine, one that will let me rule the cartooning world.

Oh, for those of you who don’t know, I have published a number of car reviews online, and I’ll include a link on the blog called “My Articles” so you can read them from there.

Enjoy and be well. I am going skiing on Sunday with Sparky the Bear.


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