The Boys of Stanko & Tibor

I wanted you all to have a look at the bios of the characters I cobbled together. It’s here:

It’s a patchwork of facts I discovered about the characters as I was doing my research on them. And at times, it was dirty and unpleasant research that involved private detectives, microphones placed in showers and toilets (bad move), and hidden web cameras in places you’d never dream of (think underwear, BIG mistake).

You find out some strange things about the people you work with, and this cast of characters is really something special. And not necessarily in the good way, either. Frankly they all disgust me in one way or another, yet I had to do the interviews one-on-one to get at the truth about each of these guys.

I promise to dig up more about their troubled past and certainly more troubled future as the episodes roll by. But all I can say is watch this pace for more dirt to be dished on the cast of characters that make up this harsh, inhospitable comic.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “The Boys of Stanko & Tibor”

  1. Dear Jon,
    Now this is going in the right direction. I’ve always told you to write more prose. While I love your comics, I really do think the prose that comes with it is even funnier, so it is good to see you expand about your characters in writing. I think what you should really do is write a novel about yourself, the to-be successful comic artist, sell a million copies, get rich, don’t forget who inspired you and send a cheque, buy a new house, and happily cartoon away for the rest of you life.
    Yours, Hendrik (the to-be successful novelist)

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