Stretching the Envelope

As most people are aware, the need to stretch one’s limits is necessary for a person, and dare I say, a society to improve. Be it stretching a person’s physical limits, challenging your cranial capacity through reading, studying or playing Angry Birds.
Or in some cases it’s a battle to not eat that sawdust and sugar-saturated mass produced chocolate chip cookie just beckoning from behind the lid of the cookie jar, with a soft, sweet voice, and its siren-like magnetic charm that says “Come on, what’s one more gram of transfat going to do? You already have 97% blocked arteries so this won’t matter one bit. Live the fantasy.”
And that is why I have given you this short sketch of our comic hero, stretching for that brewed beverage of water, malt, hops, and yeast. He knows it is death to his liver, but liquid sanity for his brain. Stretching to reach the golden liquid, hoping that physical exertion will somehow yield a health benefit.
Why I am telling all this? Because I too must stretch my abilities, cranial, physical, artistic, you name it. And with the iPad and a new stylus, I am trying out new drawing techniques and tools.
So I say to you, dear readers, or those of you who haven’t set this site to “inappropriate and filthy junk” in your web browsers, stretch yourselves, even if it’s just when you get out of bed.
Now I’m going to lie down and play solitaire.

May all your soups be rich in flavor and low in salt.

Iron Chef Hirohito Druker

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