Ill Winds

Dear and Dearest Readers,

Given the tremendously long interval between this posting of the comic once referred to by Mitt Romney as “socialist poop not fit to be stepped on by my wife’s show horse” and the one posted here and now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I had given up on my love for story-telling via foul-mouthed, immoral gargoyles and woodland creatures. Well, you’d be wrong, as my labor of love still burns brightly, but it has just taken a beating at the hands of my day job.

Speaking of labor, some people labor away at their place of work, some women go through labor, some people celebrate the honesty of manual labor, and some folks survive the labor of passing a kidney stone (I know whereof I speak). We in North America, who aren’t incarcerated, have just passed the Labor Day holiday, often accompanied by grilled meats and family cheer, and in many instances it was followed by sending our kids back to school. Now those little rodents can experience the joy of educational labor.

So how does the topic of labor relate to ongoing and unending drama that is Stanko & Tibor? I have really labored long and hard over the delicate and artful method I would use to expand the lineup of characters, and what cunning literary technique I would employ to gently introduce the reader to my latest machinations. And then I reached to the only conclusion an indolent person like could: Screw it, just cram it down the reader’s throat and get on with it. Didn’t see it coming, did you?

Now you may ask why you should have to wait until the next episode before I actually show you what this Mother person looks like. The answer is simple: I have some cookies to eat, some mindless animation and sports highlights to watch before I dream up the next episode. Bear with me on this long journey and you will be rewarded with wisdom.

Much love,

The Short Wizard Gandalf Druker

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