Grilling Adventures

OK, so here is the continuation of the story. We see our main character really getting into getting off the grid, being free from the oppression of the evil utility companies, and gaining energy independence. By decimating a forest.

Have your cake and eat it too? Sure, let’s all clear cut and see what soil erosion looks like.

Well, all I can say is that there will be more woodland creatures in future episodes of this story line. And possibly a reference to the iPhone. But that is 2 posts away at the earliest.

So enjoy the forest clearing and the grilling. And the steaks. I know I will.

Ok, time to go to sleep so I can be semi-functional at work tomorrow (actually today – it’s after midnight).

6 thoughts on “Grilling Adventures”

    1. what language, ma? I can’t use the word “farts”? Would you have preferred “man-made methane-rich posterior emissions”?

  1. Funny, I think of your Dad speaking, however, this business of energy independence is definitely not his bag, but the consumption of large quantities of BBQ’d cow is. So I’m really conflicted…. help!

    1. You are only too right, my dear aunt. It is partially Gord Druker speaking. He was the inspiration for this series of cartoons. As you know, he hates lefties, he hates the whole global warming argument, and I thought it’d make a great storyline. But now the story will get a little offbeat and go down the route of woodland creatures and high tech. And where twain shall meet, I don’t know yet.

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