Fruity Pills

My dear friends, family, Romans and countrymen,

The comic that taught you the true meaning of the ‘Delete’ button is here with another offbeat installment of Stanko & Tibor. And given the long weekend we are enjoying in Canada and Europe, this gives all the more time to savor the flavor of this latest comic. Or to run out to the garden and plant your head in the dirt as an excuse for not reading this comic. I would.

Trust me, I spent 3 hours in the front garden getting filthier than usual coming to grips with the decades of roots that pass for a front garden. I haven’t ranted about the house in a while. And as summer rolls in, I’ll have opportunity to rant. Which is partially the theme of this week’s comic. And it’s also a carryover from last week’s too.

Yes, I can hear many of you saying, “It’s a continuation of last week’s theme, and he dares call himself a comic genius? More like a lazy son of #@!!&*&*!!! And he still owes me money from the shopping!” But if you read the comic and don’t just hit the Delete button, you’ll see there is some ranting and poetry all mixed into one. There is some artistic merit in that. No? A little maybe?

For my non-bran consuming friends and non-North American friends, do a search of Metamucil, and you’ll see what it is. Anyone related to my family, you already know Metamucil intimately. Anyhow, I thought it made a nice alliteration.

May peace and a good gardener be upon you. And me.


Montague Q. Druker the IV

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