Floyd Follows the Money

As this series winds down, I keep finding gems to scribble out and add to the comic theme. I may have to change the name of the comic to Radio Vitriol.

I couldn’t resist this cheap pot shot at the boss of Goldmann Sachs, simply because he’s supremely confident and arrogant, and way richer than I could ever be even if I had a money printing press. Also, he’s amazing at making himself look like a jerk, so he makes my job of cartooning way easier. Thank you.

It’s close to midnight, so sleep well, my readers and fans. I am looking into putting a DIGG button on the site as well as trying to drive more traffic to the comic site. I thank Rick for his help in advance.

I have spent a huge amount of time just trying to get this blog up and running, and now it’s a hassle. Can’t I cartoon in peace?

Sleep well, my lovely princes and princesses…

2 thoughts on “Floyd Follows the Money”

    1. Thanks, ma. But doesn’t the social contract require to be proud of me AND do my ironing? Oh wait, you already do that…

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