Democracy for All

Well, it has been a long, long, long time since I last posted anything apart from two story updates that a) were written when adrenaline had kicked in after a severe lack of sleep and way too much caffeine needed to keep me semi- functional at work and b) displayed an uncanny literary and poetic quality that some of the most respected minds in the academic community have described in numerous journals and conferences as” a pile of steaming crap.” Yes, I took umbrage at those remarks but I was so busy blogging for the car ads, I couldn’t supply a witty rejoinder or a wry retort.

So after a long hiatus (I hear they have pills for that now), I am posting a comic that should have been posted well over a month ago when this whole Middle East thing went viral. Dictators were falling left, right, and center, and sure there was some bloodshed, but it made for gripping TV. Please recall the events of pre-Japan and then read this comic and laugh. O yell, Or take your hand gun and hold up a convenience store. Whatever and wherever the mood takes you. Just be sure I won’t accept responsibility.

I am about to repair to the bedroom for some intense TV-watching and then some eve more intense passing-out, followed closely by snoring and then maybe a mid-night jaunt to the bathroom hoping I don’t smash my toe on anything, and then probably a pee followed back crawling back to bed and snoring.

Aren’t you happy you read this email?

Keep the faith

Jonny D (also a blogger)

4 thoughts on “Democracy for All”

  1. Nice one, squire. I rate it 10/10 simply because we can never see enough of that nekkid Bert Reynolds poster from Playgirl. In particular, they don’t get enough of that on “the Arab Street”. Is that in Ville St-Laurent?

    1. Thank you my friend. Burt Reynolds was the inspiration for the bear’s last pose in frame 4. As for the Arab Street, well, it could be in Ville St. Laurent, or pretty much any part of Europe.

    1. I actually had your voice in my head when the dad said “Sure it is.” And the Burt Reynolds poster was a brief moment of madness.

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