Climate PMS

It has been three long, wintry and cold weeks here since I last gave you the pleasure of a new comic. A comic that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you cry out for an improved spam filter.

And this one really reflects the change in weather we have been experiencing here, which has fluttered between cool, cold, really cold, and snow. And now today and tonight, rain. And tomorrow, maybe freezing rain. Isn’t life grand here in high tax hell? At least the restaurants are good.

And the idea for this one came when my dad and my mom “debated” – and I use that term more loosely than an over-washed pair of prostitutes panties – about whether global warming was indeed a man-made thing and a legitimate theory. If you know my father, whose just a shade right of Don Cherry on many topics, you can guess he used the expression “it’s full of crap.”

So I decided to put the debate to the ultimate test – can it survive a lampooning at the hands of Stanko & Tibor, and me, of course. ┬áSo enjoy, leave a comment and feel free to retweet this, to pass it along, to “like” it on your Facebook page. And if you are really good, I’ll make you a t-shirt, customized, and send it as a gift as long you don’t badmouth the comic. And promote it.

Oh, one last point – the photos in the comic – I am bound to give credit where credit is due. Hence the links below.

Much love.

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