Bear Hair

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Well, seeing as I went skiing with Sparky the Bear last week, and had one of the greatest ski days of my achy, mildly damaged, middle-aged life, I felt he deserved some recompense – in the form of a comic with Sparky. What a day and man can I ski!

But more about the motivation for this episode. As we all know, bears are hairy, and drains are prone to clogging. So why not combine the two. And in this case, this drain did clog. And our intrepid hero, who dislikes karma and body hair, makes us readers aware of this fact. Such a picky fellow he is. But for the fashion conscious, you’ll notice his shower cap and bath towel are matching made-in-China specials from Walmart. Such fashion sense!

Frankly, I am a little hairy myself, but I blame that on all the mysterious hormones and chemicals in the hot dogs and junk food I eat that cause me to grow hair all over — except my bald spot. I am SURE that the chemical companies are in cahoots with the food companies who work arm in arm with the Gillette razor blade company so I’ll be forced to shave my scary face more often, and enrich the fat-cat executives in the C-suite. Hey, I think I have a story line for the next cartoon.

See what a lack of sleep, a misspent youth and stream of consciousness writing can produce? But there will be more surprises, I promise.

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