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Palin Power

Well, this particular episode is many things, and first and foremost it’s really, really late in coming. The dialogue for this was ready some 3 weeks ago, and the first part of the drawing was ready a full week ago. But life got in the way and I got lazy and unhappy with the drawing and I really am not happy with how it turned out.

But sometimes in life, we have to press on no matter the circumstances because there is no point in looking back. That leads to ulcers, and angry spouses. So I decided (“I am the decider here!” – G.W. Bush) to post this poorly drawn and poorly laid out cartoon to hope that the coming ones better reflect my cartooning and writing ability.

Keep the faith.

I need a vacation.

What’s In A Name?

Well, anyone who has heard me moan and bleat about work lately knows full well that work is getting me down. But that is life. I have to not let it interfere with what I do best — create humor, albeit my own off-beat version thereof.

This is number 2 in a series of the right-wing vitriol radio scam to make money by our main character. It’ll get even crazier next week as I keep cartooning.

Although this comic was ready a  little while ago, but I couldn’t face sitting down in front of the computer, especially as I have been VERY lazy about getting the internet connection fixed. I’d sooner get a new PC. No, a new Mac, but we are not in a position to spring for such a luxury right now. That would require this comic being sold for money. Or my car articles. And I didn’t do any posts on that either this past week.

Maybe I’ll sit myself down and do some car reviews & commentaries.