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Doctor’s Odds

The night is cold, the air is crisp as it encircles this city, full of corruption, bumpy roads, and pretty decent food. Coincidentally, there is a nice layer of fat and cinnamon danish that encircles my belly, giving me and it (yes, I think it’s becoming its own entity that really doesn’t head my pleading for a reduction in the “fattitude quotient”) something to write about, ponder on and rub quite often when I am lying in my bed thinking about that dream job as a full-time cartoonist.

In this episode of the comic that won’t take prisoners, won’t take no for an answer and won’t go away unless one of you bribes me heavily, you see the continuation of a theme, or a meme, or something vaguely resembling a story line conceived by a half-wit. A story about keeping fit, and what it takes to stay fit. And sadly I don’t do what it takes because that would interfere with things like watching TV, reading magazines, surfing and eating foods rich in motor oil and sugars.

A man has to set priorities.

But take heed, this story of a gargoyle and his doctor does have a message. You just have to guess wildly at where it’s going. And if you do, you will win a FREE t-shirt. Good luck.

It’s time for TV, sleep and maybe a slice of butter-rich banana cake.

Much love,

Chef Juan