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War on Health Care

Hello again dear readers of this comedic creation,

Is it really so soon that I am bombarding you with yet another episode of the world’s most under-appreciated and misunderstood comic? Yup, pretty much. But as I said last time, the dialogue for this has been ready for some time and it is just the drawing part that needed to be done. Which is no small part, but thanks to the beauty of computers is simplified somewhat.

I am finally getting around to finishing off this story line in the cartoon, which coincides with my current role at my company being finished off. Only heaven and the new manager know what I’ll be doing come Monday. Let’s hope it won’t prevent me from cartooning and blogging.

That’s what happens when you have too much time on your hands. And soon, there won’t be as much free time for such funnery (ooo, good made-up word!)

So keep reading, keep commenting, and if you have your own website or blog, please put a link to my blog on it, and I’ll do the same for you.

Be well, I’ll eventually be on the mental mend soon.

Olympic Fun and Games

Olympic Fun and GamesMy dear readers and fans (all 2 of you),

I am nothing short of exhausted as I write this. I should have come home and done more work for my task master, but after dinner, I didn’t have it in me. And what’s worse, it’ all my fault cuz I wouldn’t turn off the bedside lamp before midnight most nights. Why? Not sure, probably all the heady excitement of working at a all-conquering computer software monolith. You can read into that what you will. My eyes are crossing due to tiredness, so I can’t read into anything.

So the Olympics have generated controversy at all levels, and of course I could not just cheer on my country, even though they are finally doing well.

But I had to comment on at all the chaos of the first week, given how much the organizers messed up, and everything else that happened.

Now given that this posting is a week past due, it seems slightly outdated. But there is no rest for the weak or the weary and I have to press on.

And I have had  a dozen other non-Olympic ideas for more cartoons. Just hope I have the strength to scratch these things out in a regular fashion.

Keep reading, keep commenting and forward the link to the site when you have a new friend. Or enemy.