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Which Way Is Up?

STanko & Tibor - Absurdity for AllWhich Way Is Up?

Troubled by a world gone crazy around you? Not sure which way is up?  Tired of the world’s major and minor religions, but also turned off by atheism’s dogmatic approach to facial hair? Are you angry at vegans because you know they’ll outlive you AND they act like the moral high ground, but you’re not quite angry enough to spike their food with meat juices and melted butter?

I couldn’t care less. But not because I don’t care — I really do. Just not now. I am just really tired. I don’t know which way is up. Or down. Or left or right. And don’t get me started on anything that’s diagonal or perpendicular.

But I do know I need some quality sleep.

Absurdity Is Up, Sleep is Down

A very large tranche of absurdity has been served to us this past year or so, and we all know the source – Trump’s America. It’s a bad place right now, but having just come back from a vacation overseas to Europe, where people are equally displeased although more demure about it, it did give some distance to think about it a lot less. Maybe it’s European indifference or snobbery. Or the heat. My goodness, the heat! It was as if the Earth has moved 2 miles closer to the sun.

Since it seems the world is on its head now and will stay that way for a long while, maybe it’s time to admit that up is down, and fat is slim. Maybe this summer’s global warming has finally fried our collective global brains. Maybe it’s a time for change. Which is usually a good thing, except in this case where the right and the left hate each other, the people in the middle are seen as weak for wanting — of all things — rational compromise! Scum. Filthy, filthy scum.

So what are we to do about these “divisionary” politics that drive us apart, cause tempers to flare just as the ever necessary moral air conditioning craps out?

How should I know? I am still really tired and I still can’t tell which way is up or down or whatever direction. I need ice cream, and some MAJOR distraction in the form of comics, or morally ambiguous Japanese anime.

Derisively derelict in my duties
Master Sargent Blake Druker

Stretching the Envelope

As most people are aware, the need to stretch one’s limits is necessary for a person, and dare I say, a society to improve. Be it stretching a person’s physical limits, challenging your cranial capacity through reading, studying or playing Angry Birds.
Or in some cases it’s a battle to not eat that sawdust and sugar-saturated mass produced chocolate chip cookie just beckoning from behind the lid of the cookie jar, with a soft, sweet voice, and its siren-like magnetic charm that says “Come on, what’s one more gram of transfat going to do? You already have 97% blocked arteries so this won’t matter one bit. Live the fantasy.”
And that is why I have given you this short sketch of our comic hero, stretching for that brewed beverage of water, malt, hops, and yeast. He knows it is death to his liver, but liquid sanity for his brain. Stretching to reach the golden liquid, hoping that physical exertion will somehow yield a health benefit.
Why I am telling all this? Because I too must stretch my abilities, cranial, physical, artistic, you name it. And with the iPad and a new stylus, I am trying out new drawing techniques and tools.
So I say to you, dear readers, or those of you who haven’t set this site to “inappropriate and filthy junk” in your web browsers, stretch yourselves, even if it’s just when you get out of bed.
Now I’m going to lie down and play solitaire.

May all your soups be rich in flavor and low in salt.

Iron Chef Hirohito Druker