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I Win, I lose

It has been so long since my last comic, many of you have become oblivious to just how happy you were not having to massage my delicate ego by clicking on the Stanko & Tibor link just so I’d stop harassing you via Facebook, Twitter, email and anonymous phone calls from bus stations.

Well, your favorite reason to swear out loud that your junk filter is not working as it should is back – I have posted another comic, closing out the political topic for a little while — while I work on the bios of the characters, and the new ones who will shortly be introduced to a comic near you.  Think family, think plant life, think more wildlife. Many a story line to come, all as brilliant and skewed as you could imagine. So I am pumped!

On a cold October night, just before Halloween and my kids’ upcoming sugar-high, we have seen our first flakes of snow. And to think my daughters were playing in a pile of leaves, close to 3 feet high, just a few hours before that. Time for snow tires. My friends in southern climes, you may mock me, but the cold kills the bugs, and the politically right of wing.

Oh, and please give me some comments on the new header I created for the comic. I liked it, but Kirsten savagely criticized it. I was wounded. But I will make a t-shirt out of it.

Much love, happy Halloween, be well.

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