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Grilling Adventures

OK, so here is the continuation of the story. We see our main character really getting into getting off the grid, being free from the oppression of the evil utility companies, and gaining energy independence. By decimating a forest.

Have your cake and eat it too? Sure, let’s all clear cut and see what soil erosion looks like.

Well, all I can say is that there will be more woodland creatures in future episodes of this story line. And possibly a reference to the iPhone. But that is 2 posts away at the earliest.

So enjoy the forest clearing and the grilling. And the steaks. I know I will.

Ok, time to go to sleep so I can be semi-functional at work tomorrow (actually today – it’s after midnight).

Living Off the Grill

OK, so this is where the story is going, and it’s going some place off the gird. Or in this case, it’s “off the grill.” The pun here has to do with the term “living off the grid.” For my parents’ generation, skeptics and general hermits without an Internet or TV hookup, this refers to:

Part of Speech: adj
Definition: not requiring utilities such as electricity, water, etc.; also written off-the-grid, also called off grid, off-grid
Etymology: referring to grid, electrical interlocking system of transmission lines and power stations
Dictionary.com’s 21st Century Lexicon
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In the last while, I have heard people from all sides talk about global warming, being green, using ethical energy, and other such terms. I have also heard lots of opponents to living off the grid, saying it’s a load of garbage. Just ask my dad, my cousin and others in the minority.

From my point of view, I can use it as a source for comic material, so I will reserve my opinion. As long as I make someone laugh or insult someone, then and only then will I feel as if I have done a good job.

Oh, and I feel I should add, my electrical bill is roughly that of a small, impoverished African nation when the winter rolls around — yes, I am complaining about my awful house again. It’s cold and although it may look like a house, it’s actually just bricks and cheesecloth.