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Sage Parental Advice

My goodness, the madness has really set in. I know the last few comics have been far more topical and satirical, but now the departure into the world of parental madness has descended upon me and the comic. These are crazy days, I tells ya!

So if you are not repulsed by this installment of the world’s most under-appreciated, yet craftily worded, skillfully drawn comic circulated in the majority of supermax prisons for the criminally insane, then you are either a member of my family, a close friend, or you just plain need some psychological help.

So for those of you with kids who read this comic, tell me that giving sage parental advice is easy. Apart from “don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been”, I can’t think of many wise things to say to my kids. Oh, that and “kick ’em when they are down” — although my peace-loving wife seems to find this piece of advice to be counter-productive and anti-social. What does she know.

Enjoy this latest installment, and as promised, I will begin the long, arduous task of creating the bios for the characters so you can a) learn more about your favorite imaginary figures, and b) answer the quiz and win a t-shirt.

Stanko & Tibor - Humor for the Sick In the Head
Stanko & Tibor - Humor for the Sick In the Head